Final Funky VI

This one is very near and dear to me.  It was written in 1995 as a MOD file when I was sick at home at the start of Grade 10— in fact I still have the MOD file!  In 2011 I remixed it in a more modern format.  It was originally called Funky VI because I wasn’t creative enough to give my songs decent names back in the day, so there was Funky I, Funky II, Funky III and so on.

Here’s the notes from the original MOD file:

Funky VI MOD file notes

TWWW in 2012

Originally called The Way We Were and just a piano song from 2000, I committed it to electronic format in 2012 and remembered there’s already a famous song called The Way We Were.


Written in 2001 and named after my favourite group at the time.  Air was one of my top inspirations when I was learning Reason 1.0.   There was a time when I was obsessed with getting nice sounding stringed instruments in my songs, and this is the first time I added violins to my work.